High Speed Porsche Combat


A tough but fair side-by-side battle on the first lap was the highlight for Cameron Hill in the second Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup race at the Superloop Adelaide 500 today.

Starting seventh on the grid, Hill was forced to swerve left to avoid a slow-starting Cooper Murray. Josh Hunt drew alongside Hill at the first chicane, and the two cars ran door-to-door, separated by a matter of centimetres, all the way to the notorious Turn 8.

Hill finally tucked in behind Hunt and maintained his seventh position through to the chequered flag.

“It was a frantic start and a tough fight with Josh, but we showed respect for one another,” Hill said.

“A few members of my team said they were pretty nervous when they were watching back in the pits, but Josh and I both gave each other enough room.


“We spoke about it afterwards and we both appreciated being able to race cleanly, without unnecessary contact; it’s certainly exciting being involved in that sort of intense dice, where you’re almost rubbing panels at over 200km/h, surrounded by concrete walls.”

After repeating his race result from yesterday, Hill said the team had taken a small, but important step forward.

“Our improvements compared to yesterday weren’t massive, but we definitely headed in the right direction which was positive. We’ll continue down that path for tomorrow.”

The final Carrera Cup race for the weekend will be held at 1:30pm local time tomorrow afternoon (2:00pm eastern time).